Firstly Thank You for visiting my blog. This blog is a collection of poetry on many varied subjects. Please go to the blog page under the menu for my latest posts. I also have a blog about my struggle with my health. It’s at please visit it as well. 

As a man who suffers from both depression and multiple chronic health conditions, i have found that writing poetry allows me to release some emotion. I’m hoping that the poetry that i write will be enjoyed by all and that it will help other people cope with their problems, or at least know that they are not alone.

I must, however, warn readers that some of the poetry is dark. I suffer from severe depression, along with the depression I have suicidal thoughts and am a chronic self harmer. I have no problems admitting this since it is the first step in healing these problems. However i want people to know that i WILL NOT suggest anyone either kill themselves, others or cause self harm. If at any time you are feeling the desire to harm yourself or another please seek help from a medical professional and your support network. I may at some point-set up a chat forum specifically for support during crisis but at the moment im new to blogging, ill keep you all updated.

So a little about me.

My name is Adam, im a 30 something divorce. I suffer from severe depression and severe eczema, also im partially sighted. This is by no means an extensive list of my problems, but i hope it gives you an insight into my daily struggle. The poetry that i write, is mostly mushy love stuff, you can thank my muse for that, but there are and will be other pieces about my struggles with my health problems. It is weird that i write poetry since i have a scientific, left-sided, brain. I’m more comfortable with numbers than i am with words, but im a musician so i suppose that is the source or my meter which is important with poetry.

Many thanks for taking time to read my Intro I hope you enjoy the poetry.


One thought on “Rush Poetry

  1. You are always in my thoughts my lovely Godson. I am so sorry that you suffer so badly with depression and I pray that one day you will be free of it. You are a brave man, a courageous man, a man who can be proud and lift your head high. You have so many people who love you very much. I am one of those and have been proud to have been your Godmother from the very day you asked me. You will never know how chuffed I was that you and Dave wanted me to be such an important person in your lives. I enjoy reading your poetry even though sometimes it makes me sad, knowing that you are feeling so bad. Im always here for you. Xxxx


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